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Keynote Speeches and Presentations by Loren Fogelman

Loren STS5 5-16-14More similarities, than differences, exist between sports and business. Loren Fogelman reveals the secrets to success, highlighting what happens behind the scenes. She’s dedicated her professional life to helping athletes, coaches and trainers step up their game to enjoy winning results.

There’s a reason why some thrive where others barely survive. The strategies, tactical steps and plan are important. This information; however, isn’t enough. Success is a mindset. The mindset of champion athletes applies to business professionals, leaders and visionaries. Business success strategies, likewise, help athletes, coaches and teams compete to win. Loren bridges the best of business and sports into her success formula.

About Loren Fogelman

Loren is committed to helping people turn their aspirations into reality. As a therapist since 1986, she’s helped people get out of their own way. Two life altering decisions affected her journey.

Loren took a leap of faith when she decided to leave her counseling agency as she shifted to coaching. She was inspired to step away from a brick and mortar business into the global network and community. The other unexpected turning point arose at age 44 when she became a competitive rower. Her passion for rowing fueled her to perform beyond her comfort zone.

Loren SpeakingNow as a popular speaker, author and trainer, Loren travels the country speaking at sports and business conferences and events. She is now dedicated to sharing the success strategies from her popular program, Unleash the Champion Within.

Loren’s Topics

Loren is a master at helping her clients achieve new performance best records with mental game training. If you’re seeking a dynamic, engaging speaker for your next event, conference or seminar, then book Loren Fogelman today!

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  • How Goal Setting is Killing Your Performance – Create laser focus, gain an edge and compete to win!
  • Coach to Win – How to Motivate Your Team with World Class Coaching

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