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The Winning Point –

How to Master the Mindset of Champions

TWP CoverFocusing on what’s doable helps you win big. In her book, The Winning Point, Loren Fogelman asserts that anyone can be a champion—high performance isn’t the trademark of gifted athletes alone. Today is the day to claim what’s rightfully yours. You have a choice.

Stop settling for less than what you want to offer the world. Focus on your vision. Boldly go! Learn why some exceptional athletes struggle, despite their best efforts, and how to escape the same trap.

Discover how athletes at all levels of play quickly achieve significant performance gains. In The Winning Point, you’ll learn how to keep distractions from burning up the energy you need to perform at your best. Fierce focus is frequently the factor that separates winning from losing.


  1. The #1 Secret Tool I use with all of my athletes to immediately create laser focus.
  2. Three in-depth training videos on how to improve your focus for a performance boost. Know how top athletes overcome performance anxiety, fear, and pain. Removing those obstacles is a game-changer.

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This is for you if you’re motivated to consistently perform your best (even when you’re up against tough competition)!

Unleash the Champion Within

Solid confidence, laser focus and zone performance are your competitive edge.

Follow a PROVEN, 5-STEP play book, which teaches you EXACTLY how to tune out the distractions, take calculated risks for accelerated gains and eliminate the doubts causing you to second guess your next move.

Product 2. Report and CD'sTime is of the essence, follow the lead of champion athletes, for FAST results.

Whether you’re a professional or recreational athlete, team or individual sport, you’ll gain tools, techniques and tactics designed to make this your best season ever, each and every season.

It’s plug and play. All you need to do is follow my step by step system to play a BIGGER game.

  • Avoid the perfectionism trap. Get results by working smarter, not harder
  • Never again allow the competition to intimidate you
  • Tactics to quickly recover from distractions
  • Dig deep to stay strong through the tough moments
  • A powerful mindset shift for winning competitions

Get the COMPLETE, PROVEN playbook to build confidence, laser focus and claim your spot on top of the podium by training your mental game for breakthrough performance.

Every serious athlete, whether in a team or individual sport, needs the tools to face uncomfortable challenges. Here you’ll gain insight on what it takes to effectively overcome those hurdles and rise up to the challenge.

Here are the details for champion performance.

Confident Athlete




Your Winning Edge Virtual Play Book!

Your Winning EdgeProven ways to start strong, finish strong and stay strong all season!

Our expert team reveals the HIDDEN TRUTH about top performing athletes – and the game plan for this to be your BEST season ever!

12 peak performance interviews teaching you the 3 Essential Parts to your Winning Game Plan:

Part 1  Physiology

Train for optimal results.

Part 2  Psychology

Train your brain to focus and sharpen your winning edge.

Part 3  Productivity

Confidently go into your event prepared to give it everything you’ve got. Learn from experts with tested and proven success stories!

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Private 1-on-1 Coaching

  • 1-on-1 sessions that lead to quick performance gains
  • Maintain confidence and focus in high pressure moments
  • Add mental game conditioning into your training program for a competitive advantage
  • Achieve new personal best records

Additional info on how to make this your best season ever.

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Winning is FUN!

Phil Harris


Great information! My USTA mixed tennis doubles partner and I had been so focused on “the score.” We’re both good players but the past two matches we ended up losing by a point or two. We followed your strategy to focus on playing the game and having fun — and — we won!

Phil Harris
Sport: USTA Doubles Tennis

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