Do You Have the Confidence to Win?


Recently I spoke with several dedicated athletes. Each of them had set high goals for themselves, but I noticed something about their energy when we spoke about their confidence to win. It immediately caught my awareness.

As I paid closer attention I was able to tell the difference between the athletes driven and taking a “no-excuses” approach to reaching his/her goal from the athletes highly committed to peak performance, but no mojo. The spark of passion was missing.

On the surface, it was difficult to tell. Each of these athletes was devoted to his/her sport. They could talk about it all day long. Energetically, however, the athletes with passion for the game vibrated at a different frequency than the athletes highly dedicated, but lacking passion. Their confidence to win was tangible.

One clue had to do with their language. The athletes possessing mojo spoke in the first person; whereas the other athlete’s, primarily focused on external factors.

There are many very highly driven athletes, getting great results, but lack passion. Then there are athletes who you know, right from the start, are going to be a success no matter what. Nothing is going to get in their way. Their deep passion is very attractive.

What contributes to passion or mojo? The answer is easy. The solution is universal.

What drives you? Motivation affects how much passion you possess for your sport. Two different types of motivation exist, external and internal. Both are important, but only one of them will fuel your confidence to win.

External Motivation

Reasons outside yourself drive your actions. More often than not, athletes get their start in sports because someone encourages them. They want to please someone, found coaches offer stability as well as support and being on a team is an easy way to fit in. External, or extrinsic, motivation is related to things outside of you. External factors contribute to the decision to begin something new; they help to get you started. External motivators, however, may not be truly aligned with your values. An example is the athlete playing football because his dad played football and his father expects that from him, but deep in his heart he would rather be playing music.

Internal motivation

Internal, or intrinsic, motivation promotes long lasting success. You are driven to excel, ready to go the distance although obstacles appear along the way. Your confidence to win is perfectly aligned with your values. The reasons why you are driven are uniquely, authentically yours. It is as if there is a flame burning inside of you, igniting you to reach your goal.

Obstacles to Full Commitment

This is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Determine if your heart is really in it for the long haul. It is entirely possible to have full commitment, but underlying obstacles prevent total belief in your ability to achieve your goal.

Here’s what block your confidence to win:

  • Conflicting beliefs affect goal achievement. Do you have two or more beliefs which contradict each other? Maybe you see yourself as the top ranked player in your category, but don’t like bringing attention to yourself.
  • You want to be in control. Maintaining too much control causes you to become the bottleneck toward your success.
  • You insist of figuring out “how” it is going to happen. There are some things you don’t know yet.
  • You want to do it all yourself. Trust is an issue. Think about it, golfers have caddies to carry their bags. Surround yourself with supportive people who can show you the way.
  • You can’t see yourself reaching your goal. Maybe you don’t deserve it or everyone you are surrounded with focuses on the weak points instead of celebrating the successes with you.

Although many athletes get started due to an external reason, over time as your desire to be the best you can grows stronger, the motivation transitions from external to internal reasons. The internal reasons strengthen your self image, your perception and fuels your confidence to win, even when the going gets tough. Your focus becomes crystal clear.

External motivators become icing on the cake. They are excellent additional reasons, but if they don’t last they will not affect your determination. Now that you are aware of the two different motivators, the rest is up to you. Get crystal clear on your goal, connect with your personal reason to do whatever is necessary to reach your goal and believe it is possible. Believe it is possible and the steps to take you there will appear.

Are you ready to commit fully to your goals? Realized you have obstacles, but not really sure what they are? Physical training alone will only take you so far.  When competing with elite athletes, your mindset is the difference between winning results, or not. The Expert Sports Performance System is a step-by-step process building your focus and confidence for the most crucial circumstances, your competition. If you are ready to build your inner game, contact me now for a F.R.E.E. Performance Breakthrough Strategy Session at



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