Athletes Who Think Too Much Lose Out

The downside to thinking too much

Athletes who think too much end up hurting their game. Lack of focus costs points, time and missed opportunities. Over-analyzing, causing you to get caught up in your head may be your toughest challenge.

Thinking too much leads to slumps. It slows your response. It […]

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Why Women Athletic Coaches Don’t Coach Male Teams

Title IX opened the door for female athletes. Girls have more access to sports now than ever. But inequality continues to exist. No one expected Title IX to create a reverse trend for women athletic coaches.   The backlash has been brutal.

Women athletic coaches fired

When athletic departments restructured […]

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Witness Peak Performance in Soccer at the World Cup

The 2014 Soccer World Cup is under way and one team that always gets a lot of attention is the Brazilian national team. Not only are they the hosts this time round, their peak performance in soccer has fans from all over the world watching them.

In fact, you ask […]

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5 Tips For Athletes That Need To Be Perfect

Athletes that need to be perfect

Some athletes get consumed by minor details. The gains made by perfecting those details don’t always justify the time spent on them. Additional pressure exists for athletes that need to be perfect.

There’s nothing wrong with the desire to be your best, but there’s a downside to perfectionism. It slows […]

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How Talented Athletes Deal with Fear

Fear is a frame of mind. It’s not that winning athletes eliminate fear. The truth is that they experience it too. Talented athletes deal with fear so it doesn’t distract them. Fear doesn’t need to stop you from doing your best.

Fear affects performance

Jamie, a triathlete, was under-performing […]

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How the Best Athletes Improve Performance


How athletes improve performance

Why even bother to train if you’re not going to give it your best shot? It’s a mistake many talented athletes make. Regularly attending practice is good, but it’s not good enough. It’s easy to show up, go through the paces and not achieve any gains. […]

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Peak Performance Skills Help Athletes Win

If you’re seeking peak performance skills, then it’s important to train strategically. Keeping your body in top condition throughout the year is one factor. Don’t make the mistake, however, of training only within your comfort zone. By maintaining an easy, familiar routine, you’d fail to achieve optimal […]

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Mind of Steel – 5 Steps to Perform Under Pressure

The Olympics, the oldest known sports event in history, is the ultimate of all sporting competitions. Winning at this level requires extraordinary physical and mental strength. Knowing the world is watching you can add pressure. Some athletes get overwhelmed by the mere thought of competing at the Olympics. […]

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Champion Athletes Compete to Win

Compete to win

It was not long ago that Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel ignored his team’s orders, battled his Red Bull Racing team mate Mark Webber, and made a brave pass on him to take over the lead of the […]

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Ashley Wagner’s Determination to Win for Team USA

Determination to be contrary

Every aspiring athlete experiences a phase where he or she is repeatedly told, “you are not good enough, you won’t make it, and you don’t deserve a chance”. One would think that accomplished […]

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