Mental Training: How Triathletes Keep Their Head in the Race

Mental training for triathletes 

Triathlons celebrated their 40th anniversary this year. They’ve come a long way since the first ad-hoc race in 1974. When comparing the first event to now you’ll notice the swim, cycle and run still remain, but that’s about it. There’s relatively little resemblance to the original event.

Signing […]

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How to Finally Stop Wrestling with Sports Anxiety

Wrestling with sports anxiety

Too much anxiety detracts, not enhances, performance. Sports psychology theories claim that most athletes will experience pre-performance anxiety. But what if you could skip the sports anxiety? Would you choose to opt out of it?

Nagging thoughts, doubt regarding your game plan, worries that you haven’t trained […]

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The #1 Mental Toughness Secret of Elite Athletes

Mental toughness wins

What does it take to become an elite athlete? Yes, a part of it is physicality. But many elite athletes exist who don’t fit the norm for their sport. There’s got to be something else, right? Let’s see how mental toughness helps athletes rise to the top.

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The High Price Athletes Pay by Dismissing Their Gut Feeling

Do you listen to your gut feeling?

Competing to win is more than physical. Your mental game needs to be as strong, if not stronger, when you’re seeking to beat the competition. Laser focus, tenacity and drive combined with strength, endurance and speed are the basics for champion athletes.  Learning to […]

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How EFT Quickly Boosts Athletes Confidence

Athlete’s confidence on shaky ground

Struggles, slumps or setbacks. Any one of these can throw off your game. When you’re stuck, desperately seeking to break free, that’s when upsets happen. Frustration builds as the usual steps to bust through fail to work. An athlete’s confidence is shaken when the struggle […]

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How Athletes Fight Back Against the Fear of Failure

Athletes who experience fear of failure

Let’s take a stand on failure. It’s gotten a bad rap as something to avoid! Champion athletes fail all the time. In fact, they fail more than most other athletes. Something shifts when you learn to adapt due to failure instead of submitting to the fear of failure.

Failure to […]

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How World Class Athletes Beat the Competition

The All Blacks beat the competition

Dominating your sport doesn’t happen by chance. The New Zealand All Blacks is the world’s best rugby team. They’re the only sports team to claim a win against every country they’ve played. Training beyond the basics sets them up to beat the competition.

Several ingenious strategies, including the haka dance, […]

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How Athletes Beat Fear of Failure with the Emotional Freedom Techniques

Fear of failure removes your edge

Tyler was plagued by fear of failure. Tyler typically experienced an above normal rush of adrenaline prior to a tournament. He didn’t know how to overcome fear. When thoughts about failing flooded his head, his anxiety levels skyrocketed. The skills for overcoming anxiety weren’t part […]

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5 Ways SMART Goals Fail to Motivate Athletes


Goals fail to motivate athletes

Goals, especially SMART goals, fail to motivate athletes for the long run. After awhile they’re no longer engaged with the goal. When training and competing become a grind, athletes go through the motions, but lack the drive to excel.

SMART goals were originally designed to help […]

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Why Goal Setting Isn’t Enough for Champion Athletes

Goal setting isn’t enough

Some athletes never struggle. Competitive pressure stokes their fire to perform their best. Athletes who compete to win are driven by something greater than goal setting strategies. The reason to win is more than timelines and numbers.

Yes, they work toward specific performance milestones, but with a twist. Witnessing these athletes in […]

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