#1 Hot Tip to Unleash Your Burning Desire to Win

Your burning desire to win

If you don’t connect with your inner drive, eventually you will give up, get injured, or claim that your dream was not “meant to be.” Quitting too soon is a red flag that you haven’t fully tapped into your burning desire to win.


Mental Preparation for Sports Helps Close the Performance Gap

Mental preparation for sports

You know where you want to go and you also know why you want to get there. The question is: Why aren’t you there? This is where mental preparation for sports truly begins.

The space between where you are now and where you would like to be […]

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The Dream Team Secrets of Olympic Athletes

Build your dream team   

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” —Jim Rohn. Does that quote scare you? If so, you might want to consider why. The people you surround yourself with affect your perception. Imagine creating your dream team. Start out by […]

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The #1 Trait Every Champion Athlete Must Develop

The first step for a champion athlete

As I sift through my inbox of questions, a common theme appears. What does it take to go the full distance to win? The process to become a champion athlete starts with a decision.

Coaching athletes into champions is possible when everyone’s on the same page. […]

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Mental Game Checklist: How Coaches Motivate Athletes to Win

How coaches motivate athletes

Remove the guessing game regarding outcome. It’s time to stop scratching your head about how to influence your athletes to break barriers. Check out these specific steps how coaches motivate athletes.

Motivated athletes are a joy to coach. This mental game […]

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Sports Psychology: Are You Driven to Win?

Stop the excuses


7 Ways Coaches Kill Motivation and Confidence in Sports

Coaches kill motivation and confidence in sports

Coaches dream of working with highly driven, talented athletes. Motivation and confidence in sports doesn’t automatically happen; it’s nurtured. The best coaches can skillfully transform a group of individual athletes into a working, functional team. Unfortunately, some coaches mistakenly take team development for granted. They […]

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Finally Eliminate Your Training Excuses…Forever!

Remove your training excuses

Whether you’re employed full-time, balancing family obligations or constantly juggling a full calendar, life gets busy. So how do you squeeze in training time when there are more obvious demands already on your plate? Start off by being brutally honest with yourself about how bad you want to compete. It’s easier to […]

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5 Ways SMART Goals Fail to Motivate Athletes


Goals fail to motivate athletes

Goals, especially SMART goals, fail to motivate athletes for the long run. After awhile they’re no longer engaged with the goal. When training and competing become a grind, athletes go through the motions, but lack the drive to excel.

SMART goals were originally designed to help […]

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Why Goal Setting Isn’t Enough for Champion Athletes

Goal setting isn’t enough

Some athletes never struggle. Competitive pressure stokes their fire to perform their best. Athletes who compete to win are driven by something greater than goal setting strategies. The reason to win is more than timelines and numbers.

Yes, they work toward specific performance milestones, but with a twist. Witnessing these athletes in […]

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