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25 03, 2015

How Athletes Build Confidence After Its Been Shattered

Athletes build confidence Q&A

It’s Q&A time once again. Let’s talk about how athletes build confidence. Here’s one of the most popular questions which flooded my inbox: “what is the best way to get confidence back once you’ve lost it”.

Now it’s time for the answer. Freaking out before or during […]

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18 03, 2015

Mental Game Checklist: How Coaches Motivate Athletes to Win

How coaches motivate athletes

Remove the guessing game regarding outcome. It’s time to stop scratching your head about how to influence your athletes to break barriers. Check out these specific steps how coaches motivate athletes.

Motivated athletes are a joy to coach. This mental game […]

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11 03, 2015

Sports Psychology: Are You Driven to Win?

Stop the excuses


3 03, 2015

Mental Toughness: Why Winning is a Mental Game

Building mental toughness

Several weeks ago your questions regarding mental toughness arrived in my inbox. The questions have poured in. Well, it’s time for Q&A.

Before we dive in, let’s get on the same page with a definition. Mental toughness is the ability to stick with something, even when it’s […]

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16 02, 2015

How Performance Blocks Destroyed Tiger Woods Game

Costly performance blocks

Okay, Tiger Woods may be blocked. Now what? His former steely mental game appears to now swing up and down. During moments like this confidence levels may spiral down while performance blocks skyrocket to an all-time high.

Low confidence issues will throw off his entire game. Maybe you’ve witnessed his body refusing to […]

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11 02, 2015

7 Ways Coaches Kill Motivation and Confidence in Sports

Coaches kill motivation and confidence in sports

Coaches dream of working with highly driven, talented athletes. Motivation and confidence in sports doesn’t automatically happen; it’s nurtured. The best coaches can skillfully transform a group of individual athletes into a working, functional team. Unfortunately, some coaches mistakenly take team development for granted. They […]

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3 02, 2015

Why Some Athletes Cheat

Why some athletes cheat

Cheating is not new to sports. Athletes are coached to do whatever it takes to win. So why do some athletes cheat?

Deflategate has rekindled the cheating conversation. Did the New England Patriots knowingly reduce the pressure in their footballs for a competitive advantage over Indianapolis? There’s been […]

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27 01, 2015

How Athletes Conquer Low Confidence

Dealing with low confidence

Some of the toughest athletes struggle with low confidence. Maybe it’s the team captain, a naturally gifted athlete or the admired hero. Even professional athletes experience confidence issues. High achieving athletes dealing with low self confidence are masters at covering up their weakness.

The inner criticism of […]

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14 01, 2015

Finally Eliminate Your Training Excuses…Forever!

Remove your training excuses

Whether you’re employed full-time, balancing family obligations or constantly juggling a full calendar, life gets busy. So how do you squeeze in training time when there are more obvious demands already on your plate? Start off by being brutally honest with yourself about how bad you want to compete. It’s easier to […]

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8 01, 2015

Why Confidence Isn’t Vital for Athletes to Win

Confidence isn’t that important

Does racing confidence seem like it’s out of reach? Then ditch the desire for increased confidence. Seeking confidence is the proverbial chicken and egg dilemma. Success raises your confidence, but competing to win demands confidence. This places you in a highly frustrating loop. Fortunately, a better strategy exists.

Many of the athletes […]

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