Mental toughness wins

What does it take to become an elite athlete? Yes, a part of it is physicality. But many elite athletes exist who don’t fit the norm for their sport. There’s got to be something else, right? Let’s see how mental toughness helps athletes rise to the top.

Brian de Haaff, CEO of AHA!

Brian de Haaff, CEO of AHA!, had this post on Linked In, The One Sign You Will Be Rich, which was my source of inspiration.  More similarities, than differences, exist between successful entrepreneurs and elite athletes. Are you aware of what it takes to win?

Being successful at something defines winning.  That includes taking home the gold, setting a new personal best record or finally nailing a technical challenge.  Personal reasons are best, so choose something that is meaningful for you.

The mental toughness secret

Here’s the mental toughness training secret of elite athletes: grit. Laser focus, not caving when they’re under pressure, gives them an edge. Physical, psychological and productivity are impacted by this one mental training quality.

Grit is a mental coaching quality. You don’t have to be born a tough, mean, fighter. Plenty of elite athletes develop grit, the tenacity to stick with something no matter what, because they’re passionate about being the best they can possibly be. As ongoing challenges stretch their capabilities they uncover hidden qualities to go the full distance. Mental toughness in sports is fueled by their desire to excel.

Here’s how grit is your winning mental toughness secret:

  • Growth. You’re prepared to put in the time and effort for continued performance gains. You physically train to be competition ready. Focus, confidence and courage prepare you to excel. Productivity improves when you’re checked in when training.
  • Readiness.  What adjustments are you prepared to make for an edge? Refuse to settle for good enough.  Elite athletes seek mastery by trial and error.
  • Intent. Elite athletes are willing to sacrifice some comforts now if it leads to future wins. They’re aiming for a BIG win. Each competition takes them one step closer to their vision.
  • Tenacity. Here’s an advanced mental toughness tip: whether win or lose, no one competition defines them. They’ve figured out how to gain insight from their actions without personal judgment. The wins, and the losses, are stepping stones in the grand scheme of things.

Plenty of athletes claim a desire to rise to the top. Elite athletes, however, walk their talk. They’re devoting time, energy and effort to gain an edge. Mental strength training is the result of dedicated, strategic effort.

Never say “what if…”

Grit is the #1 mental toughness quality     Photo by fibercool

Grit will take you the full distance. Will you achieve your BIG vision? No one knows for sure. Putting in the hard work to achieve your full potential means you’ll go further than if you only did the easy, fun things. You’ll never have any regrets wondering later on “what if.”

Striving to be your best is the result of mental skills training. Whether you’re practicing or competing, consistently focus on the one performance and mental toughness challenge that will make a difference. Choose a specific physical and mental game challenge each time you train and compete for greater achievements.

Develop your grit. Elite athletes work hard to gain mental toughness. Quitting is not an option. When it’s tough, they tough it out.

Challenge: Elite athletes are committed to going the extra mile. Grit is your mental toughness secret. Mental training for athletes compliments your physical training program. Here are your first steps to get started now.

  1. Set a performance milestone that will stretch your capabilities. One that requires effort to achieve.
  2. What’s your personal reason for achieving that milestone? The more personal the better.
  3. What do you need to accomplish along the way to hit your milestone?
  4. What challenges could arise that would throw you off course. Now develop the strategy for facing those challenges if they occur.

Do mistakes throw off your game and then it’s difficult to regain focus? Mental toughness is the solution to keep your head in the game.

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