Are you tired of failing to play your A-game?

Improving your performance is easier than you ever imagined once you know the steps.

  • Do you doubt yourself?
  • Do you lose focus before the start?
  • Are you in a slump and wonder how to turn it around?
  • Do you get overly nervous before a competition and don’t know how to change it?
  • Are you struggling to achieve more?

Does this sound like you?

Take the next step for positive change! 

BasketballWelcome to Expert Sports Performance.

I’m Loren Fogelman, a therapist turned Sports Performance consultant, whose love for athletics transformed my career—and my life! I want to share what I learned with you because it’s so rewarding and because it really works!

Success begins with a positive mind-set. When you focus on what you did wrong, you feed the cycle of dissecting your achievements, picking out your flaws, and focusing on your faults. That critical voice takes up considerable room in your head, distracting you from your goals.

My goal is to help you build confidence so you’re playing at the top of your game each and every time. I will show you how to do that quickly and effectively.

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Loren Fogelman, M.Ed, EFT-Adv
Coach of Champions

The System works regardless of your personal challenge! Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • You make some progress but never see lasting results. If you have the desire to change but are not experiencing long-term results, you are wasting your time—not by choice, but by using ineffective methods. Transforming your awareness from a negative to a positive focus is a simple and fulfilling process available to you right now!
  • You have tried to get out of a slump but continue to feel its struggle. Have you desperately wanted change yet still feel stuck? If the messages you tell yourself are negative, it’s time to stop and rethink your focus. You can clear the distracting thoughts that keep you from achieving your peak performance. The choice for change is yours. Best of all, the tools you need to build confidence are easy to learn and implement.
  • You never feel like a success. Are you filled with anxiety about competing, which then affects your performance and results? You must know how to create positive change from within if you want to get rid of your anxiety about competing, boost your confidence, reach your peak performance, AND be able to take that leap of faith for BIG WINS!

soccer Are you ready for change? If you are, then choose to take action to transform your inner game while training for breakthroughs to happen during your competition. This one decision creates long-lasting, positive results!

If you’re ready to make this your best season ever, apply for a complimentary “Best Season Ever” Strategy Session.We’ll identify specific results-focused steps.

Why is this system so effective? The answer is simple: Most people try to solve problems instead of find solutions. Lasting change is difficult when you are focused on what you don’t want rather than the goals you desire to achieve. Through the Expert Sports Performance System™ I will show you the step-by-step approach I created to help winning athletes achieve peak performance.

You are not alone…

You can learn to transform your struggles and build confidence.

You can finally release those negative thoughts that have been plaguing and sabotaging your performance.

You can change your mindset and the messages you tell yourself. 


Best of all, you don’t need complicated methods to help you shift from a negative to a positive focus. By using the Expert Sports Performance System™, you will develop the skills to overcome your barriers so you can consistently play at the top of your game.

Believe me — this isn’t rocket science. You’ll learn simple and effective steps to get you past the obstacles that have kept you from reaching peak performance. My processes are amazingly quick and easy to master for rapid, measurable results.

As you transform your mindset, your performance will transform as well. You’ll move into a state of ready focus before and throughout a competition. By following the system step by step, you’ll find yourself gaining greater confidence, feeling more empowered, and readily achieving your peak potential.

The transformation is so profound, you’ll wonder what’s been holding you back all this time!

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