Compete to win – no matter what!

Meet Loren

loren_058_Loren Fogelman is founder of Expert Sports Performance and an internationally recognized sports performance expert who works with some of the highest-ranked athletes in the nation. Results-focused and strengths-based, she motivates clients to achieve soaring performance.

Loren is author of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, an Amazon #1 bestseller. Recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times, Loren delivers the little known tactics to shift athletes from average to champions so they consistently perform to their full potential, even against tough competition.

A nationally-recognized speaker, she frequently engages sports and entrepreneurial audiences with insights about how to gain a winning edge by teaching reliable principles you can capitalize on before, during, and after the game. Learn more here.

“Golf score lowered to 74.4!”

“Loren Fogelman is the undisputed expert with developing a competitive mindset. My golf score dramatically lowered once I learned a few of her tips. No matter how tough the competition is I now play consistently. I highly recommend Loren and her teachings for staying relaxed under pressure, performance breakthroughs and enjoying the challenge.”
Alex Street, Golf

“Now a Sponsored Athlete!”

“At the age of 50, I finally decided to go after my dream of doing an Ironman. Loren helped me figure out the answers to some hard questions, most importantly, would I regret not trying? Loren “pushed” me out of my comfort zone to develop my courage. As a result I am now a sponsored athlete. I highly recommend her for all athletes, no matter which level you are currently playing at. Loren will help you take your mental game higher than you ever could on your own.”
Robin Glembotzky , Triathalon

“My Personal Best!”

“Talking with Loren was such a fun and inspiring experience. She knows her stuff and is an expert on the mental game. I am a runner currently training for a half marathon. She hit the nail on the head with my thought processes. Then she gets right to the runner’s mind to overcome mental obstacles. I ran my best time! You have to get your hands on Loren’s program to deliver your personal best.”
Rebecca Fancy, Runner